Watch out for

Black Mushrooms

Black Mushroom better Known as The Black Plague

Whenever you see Black Mushrooms ( better known as the BLACK PLAGUE ) on a tree.

This is considered the Biggest Indication that your tree is suffering a lot of damage or the very lease facing serious health issues, Which need to be address by Tree Timber Immediately!!!

These Black Mushrooms are the fruiting body of a fungus, and they often sprout after the fungus has already established itself inside the tree. Once These Mushrooms find its way into the tree’s interior tissue, it will start to produce enzymes, breaks down wood fibers, then releasing nutrients needed to feed the Mushroom. They also eats away at the tree’s tissues, it destroys the entire structure. Root damage could result in trees that topple in a high wind. Branch and trunk damage results in weakened limbs that break off, their falling putting people and property in danger. So once you discover that your tree is infected by a the Black Mushrooms, there is little, if anything, you can do to save your tree. You may wish to call a certified arborist, a professional trained in diagnosing and recommending treatment for various tree diseases. Occasionally..... If it only infected a limb and nothing else; then you can save the tree, but the more likely scenario is that the tree must be completely removed.

Signs of The Black Plague / Black Mushrooms

  • Dying leaves & Limbs

  • Bark discoloration

  • Early fall colors.

  • Broken Branches

Where can you find them

  • Along the roots

  • Around the trunk

  • 1 or more Limbs,

  • Previous pruned spots on the tree.

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*It's recommended to inspect your trees Before & After every Rainy Forecast.*

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